KB-M2B-01 – FAQs


After connecting a splitter to my network it no longer works. Why?  

When using an KB-M2B-01 you must use a splitter with the following specifications.

  • MoCa 2.0
  • Bi-directional
  • 5 – 1675 Mhz 6kV
  • Coax ports are 3.5 dB


How can I test the MoCA adapters for functionality?

These are basic plug n play devices. Do these quick tests for functionality in order at the location of the Modem/Router.

These tests require at least 2 of the KB-M2-01 adapters.

Test 1

Take both adapters, connect the Ethernet cable into both adapter’s Ethernet ports, take the coax cable and connect it to both adapters coax in port, connect both adapter’s power supplies. You should get all Power, Ethernet and Coax lights on the MoCA adapters.

If all the lights are lit then do the next test. If they are not lit try different Ethernet or coax cables.

Test 2

Connect an Ethernet cable from modem/router to first MoCA adapter. Connect a short coax cable between the coax in ports on both adapters. Connect an Ethernet cable from the 2nd adapter to a laptop/desktop. Power up the adapters and your computer should have internet access.

If both of the above tests pass, then the issue will either be with the coax cabling or splitter between the 2 locations or the settings on the modem/router or the computer.

How many MoCA devices can I have connected to my home network?

You can have a total of 16 MoCA devices connected to your home network.

Is the KB-M2B-01 MoCA adapter compatible with Direct-TV or Dish network?

No, this adapter is compatible with cable services but not satellite services such as Direct-TV or Dish Network.


What is the difference between Bonded and Non-Bonded MoCA adapters?

To fully understand all of the differences between a bonded and non-bonded adaptor please use the link below from the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) that explains the difference in all the different version on MoCA bonded or non-bonded.


What is the maximum distance in between devices?

The maximum distance you can have in between devices is 300ft.