What is MoCA and why do I want it?

MoCA® allows you to send broadband/Internet traffic over the coaxial cables in your home. It can be your WiFi network’s best friend, because, like a superhero, MoCA is a technology that boosts your WiFi with a few hero moves. MoCA can help eliminate WiFi deadzones, protect online games from lag and simultaneous let all your wireless devices stream 4K sports, movies and more.

How can MoCA Improve my WiFi?

There are many situations when the WiFi coming from your wireless router isn’t going to cut it. The distance from your router to all your wireless devices, concrete and thick walls as well as the number of wireless devices using WiFi can all limit the speed and quality of your home’s WiFi.

This is when MoCA® enters as WiFi’s superhero best friend. While MoCA isn’t related to that coffee drink, it does caffein-ate your WiFi with a mega dose of WiFi boosting power.

In fact, you probably HAVE MoCA in your home right now. There are more than 274 million devices with MoCA already in use. Since 2005 MoCA has been paid-TV providers’ video and internet superhero. Do you have TV and/or internet services from Comcast, Cox Communications, Verizon, TDS, Frontier, Suddenlink (Altice), Google Fiber, Rogers, Cogeco, Videotron, Bell Atlantic, Telus and Shaw of Canada to name a few? If so, you may have MoCA coursing through your existing TV coax cables.

How Does MoCA Work?

TV coax cables and outlets are the wires connecting TVs to set-top boxes and paid TV services. Most homes have a least two or more TV coax outlets. What if those same TV coax outlets delivered 900 Mbps or better of reliable speed to your wireless devices and every corner of your home? No new wires to install or complicated directions. It’s a WiFi boost everywhere you want it. That’s what MoCA does for you and your home WiFi.

Tests prove MoCA delivers WiFi at 900 Mbps and more

How do we know? MoCA conducted real life WiFi home speed tests using an independent testing house, Dekra. These tests compared Kiwee WiFi Network Extenders with MoCA® against WiFi-only repeaters. Tests proved Kiwee’s WiFi Extenders with MoCA delivered 900 Mbps or better WiFi performance. Those other WiFi devices could only shell out about 300 Mbps or less of WiFi (on a good day).

Yes, MoCA is ready and able to leap into action; giving your home the WiFi boost it needs using WiFi Network Extenders from Kiwee. So, what are you waiting for? Why not provide your home a WiFi boosting rock-solid connection for online gaming, 4K streaming and WiFi coverage all over your home, basement, garage, multi-storied building and yard.

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