What is the difference between MoCA 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, and Bonded 2.0?

You want to eliminate WiFi dead zones in your home where WiFi barely reaches and get faster WiFi speeds. The best way to improve WiFi is with a wired device. That wire is your existing TV coax cables. The device is a WiFi Network Extenders with MoCA® technology.

What is MoCA®?

It’s a brilliantly devised network technology for fast WiFi using existing TV coax cables instead of Ethernet. In fact, MoCA is THE network technology standard used by pay TV service providers in 90 percent homes across America and selected countries around the globe. With WiFi Network Extenders, you too can take advantage of MoCA and boost your WiFi.

MoCA began in 2004. Like every technology standard including 801.11a-n, there are different versions of MoCA. MoCA 1.0 was used exclusively by paid TV providers until 2007 when MoCA 1.1 was introduced. MoCA 1.1 is found in equipment used by paid TV providers and products you purchased online or in retail stores. In 2014, MoCA 2.0 became available. Currently MoCA 2.0 Bonded is the latest MoCA.

Will MoCA 1.0 work with MoCA 2.0 Bonded?

Don’t worry if your existing MoCA equipment is MoCA 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 or even 2.0 Bonded. Adding new WiFi Network Extenders with MoCA won’t shut down your existing network or turn off your pay TV service.

So what’s the diff? Speed my friend, it’s all about speed. MoCA 1.0 has a top speed of 100 Mbps. MoCA 1.1 reaches 175 Mbps. MoCA 2.0 tops out at 500 Mbps. And bonded MoCA 2.0 can hit speeds in excess of 1 Gbps! It’s no secret WiFi requirements have increased. WiFi Network Extenders with MoCA keep your WiFi boosted at 900 Mbps or better.

900 Mbps is exactly what you need to simultaneously stream 4K movies and UHD sports programs, play online games and keep all your other WiFi hungry devices fed and happy. Meanwhile your existing MoCA 1.1 equipment stays solid at up to 500 Mbps and any MoCA 1.0 equipment keeps plugging at 100 Mbps max.

MoCA is Backward Compatible

The beauty of MoCA lies in the fact that regardless of the version (MoCA 2.0 Bonded, 2.0, 1.1 or 1.0), all versions of MoCA are designed to recognize its version first and then step down to previous versions. Technically, this is defined as ‘backward compatible’.

For example, MoCA 2.0 Bonded devices that talk only with other MoCA 2.0 Bonded devices will work at MoCA 2.0 Bonded speeds. The same MoCA 2.0 Bonded device can talk with other MoCA 1.0 and MoCA 1.1 devices, at their corresponding speeds.

Go ahead and add MoCA 2.0 and MoCA 2.0 Bonded devices to your network without any issues. Now, WiFi Network Extenders with MoCA give you a super-fast and reliable WiFi boost to every corner of your home in complete harmony with other devices on your network.

To learn more about WiFi Wireless Wired Network Extenders with MoCA®, go here.

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